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Postage rates

Postage Costs

Postage is $6 within Australia.

These prices include my time costs for getting your order ready, also called ‘handling’.

These prices are static, which means, if you order 5 patterns at once, it’s still only $6. I make up the difference in the price. Think of it as a bulk discount of sorts!

Overseas postage is $10 for 3 patterns or less. 4 patterns or more, postage is $20.

Unfortunately Australia Post charges like every postage stamp is made from solid gold. Australia is ‘the arse end of the world’ (as an ex Prime Minister put it), and it takes plane flights to get anywhere. I should be more understanding, however, I do think their pricing is ridiculous.

How to Order

Once you’ve found the pattern you’d like to order, choose what type of pattern you’d like to purchase from the menu. Most stitcheries have two options, paper pattern, and pre-printed fabric pattern. Applique patterns are only available as paper patterns, because I’m not a fabric shop.

  1. Click on the ‘Purchase’ button to put the item in your cart.
  2. Once you’ve finished shopping around, click on ‘Cart’ button on the upper right, or the listed items under ‘Cart Summary’.
  3. Check the Description and Qty of your purchase is correct on the ‘Your Cart’ page. Leave me a note if you have a specific instruction in the ‘gift note’ box. e.g. Please write 'leave at front door’ on envelope. Press the Update button if you change any order details at this stage, and then click on ‘checkout’.
    Note: There is no GST payable on any Smee Designs products, as my income is below the GST threshold. What you see is what you pay!
  1. Customer information:
    A) If you have a PayPal account, you can click on the yellow button on the top left. This will use your PayPal details as your billing and delivery address.
    B) Otherwise, add your address details to the customer information section. This section will also set your country details, and this will automatically set your shipping costs. Click through to your shipping method, which takes you to ‘Payment Method.’
    Note: Ignore ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ - I have zero time to create newsletters at this stage. If I ever change my mind, I’ll let you know!
  1. Click on ‘Payment method’, and check your details. Then click on ‘complete order’. This will take you to a secure PayPal site as a guest. (see below if you want to know more about PayPal.
  2. Click on the ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ option.
  3. Add your credit card details, then scroll down and click ‘Agree and Pay.’ Done!

Digital Patterns

Digital patterns are PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat reader to open. The pages are based on A4 and A3 sizing. You will need to be tech savvy enough to print the pages at 100% correct size, and no ‘shrink to fit page’ options selected in your printer’s dialog box. There may also be times when you have to tile areas of a page if you don’t have an A3 printer. Patterns with an A3 page are noted in the description.


Paper Pattern

The pattern comes with the drawings printed in black line on A4 and A3 paper, ready to trace. Choose this option if you want to make more than one item from a pattern.

Fabric Pattern

The fabric pattern includes the drawings printed in full colour (or a light grey for Redwork) on high quality Kona Bay cotton. Please note that the fabric can shrink a little when stabilising, and we recommend rinsing it in cold water and ironing before use. We also recommend cutting the panels to correct size after finishing your stitching. The pattern does not include fabric for the rest of the quilt, only the panels with drawings to stitch.


Paypal is a payment site that millions of people use online to keep their card transactions secure. It is used by over 6 million people around the world, and many online businesses. It encrypts your card data, so that you can purchase items online while keeping your credit card details private from the store you purchase it from. (This means hackers can’t hack into my site and grab your card details.) Paypal charges me a percentage of your payment in fees, but it’s worth it to provide everyone with the best security online possible.


I love copyright, because it means that we all agree that artist’s time and effort is worth something. That’s why I don’t copy music without paying for it, and you won’t find a bootleg DVD in my house. I’m lucky I’ve got some great customers feel the same way; who value my work, and do the right thing by me! Thank you, you are stars and legends all of you!!


This is where personal preferences interferes with good business practice! I HATE getting unsolicited emails, so you will never receive junk mail or newsletters from me. I use Facebook and this website to announce new stuff. Your details used for your order, and for no other purpose. I do not on-sell or give out any of your information.

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