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I love to hear from people - so feel free to contact me, but please check the information in the FAQ(link) section first before emailing me a question. I have spent hours writing answers to all those Frequently Asked Questions, and I want you to admire my hard work!



I am on my computer most often during weekday hours between 9.30am and 3pm, unless I'm doing Mum stuff. I regularly check email, and attempt to answer every email I receive. Now and again I reply to someone whose mail blocking is set so high my email bounces back, and this becomes a problem. If you have emailed me, and I haven't responded, please contact me on Facebook.


I regularly update what I've been up to every week. Please feel free to join up, join in and enjoy community together. Only rule - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. General Whinging is allowed of course, but not nastiness. I'm lucky - so far everyone seems to know the difference!


I have no time for this.

I'm enough of a twit already.


This either.


Nope. I did it for a work project, and since then have completely ignored it. So you can 'follow' me, but I'm not going anywhere.

Phone number?

Um. Yes. Tricky this one. I WAS going to put my mobile phone or home phone on my website, but then had second and third thoughts.

Basically I don't want to have my work mesh even more into my home life; which is an issue for me, since I often work and 'play' in the same spaces. So I've made the decision to keep some things a little more private. If you want to chat, please email me your number, and I'll call you or get in touch via email.

Why don't I have a phone exclusively for business use? Because I'd rather spend the phone plan money on fabric of course.

Can I visit in person?

Nope. Sorry. I am house cleaningly challenged, and I'd rather keep my dirty habits to myself. You will NEVER see my work space featured in a magazine. EVER. My husband lives in a permanent state of neat freak despair.

Snail Mail

Physical mail and cheques/money orders are still welcome. Please make any cheques out to Smee Designs. My mail address is:

Smee Designs
40 Larnook Cres,
Aspendale VICTORIA

Please be aware that since our glorious Australia Post executives have been busy wrecking our national service, the mail really does travel like a snail these days.

Wholesale enquiries

Yes, I do wholesale, but I'm not cheap.

I decided I'd like to pay myself 10c an hour rather than 5c. As I don't sell fabric, my patterns are my only source of income. Contact me on email for a product catalogue.


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