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About the Patterns

Pattern Features

All Smee Designs patterns feature the following:

Cover Image

Heavy card stock with printed colour image, Smee Design details and listing of fabric colours used in the project.

Measurements Page

Get that Maths under control. Block measurements are shown with and without seam allowance, so you can swoosh the rotary cutter with confidence. Or, like me, recheck that measurement four times before blade meets fabric.

Detailed Instructions

Numbered step by step instructions, with diagrams to help make the project as hassle free as possible. We try and keep jargon to a minimum, and grammar possible as we good can.

Applique Pattern Features

Pre-reversed Pieces

No flipping. Ready to trace, numbered in order of assembly and grouped in colours where possible. You're most welcome!

Full size template

The applique pattern is shown in full, with dotted lines showing how the pieces lie over and under each other, for precision assembly. Extra stitching like facial features are also shown.

Colour Suggestions

Each piece number can be cross referenced with a 'Colour Suggestions' listing on each page. Checking you've got all your pieces, and all in the right fabric is easy!

Stitchery Patterns

Colour Line Diagrams

Other than single colour work, like Redwork, each stitchery pattern comes with a colour diagram to easily reference what line is what colour thread.

Thread Colours

I use DMC numbers to reference each colour, simply because they are the threads most widely available worldwide. My patterns note the DMC thread colours for each feature. E.g. Hair, DMC782. These can be cross referenced with the colour diagrams if in doubt.

I also rename the DMC colours so that if you’re not using DMC, you can search for a colour of similar hue. For example, ‘Sunset Red with a hint of Hibiscus’ becomes plain old ‘Dark Red’.

Paper Pattern

The pattern comes with the drawings printed in black line on A4 and A3 paper, ready to trace. Choose this option if you want to make more than one item from a pattern.

Fabric Pattern

The fabric pattern includes the drawings printed in full colour (or a light grey for Redwork) on high quality Kona Bay cotton. Please note that the fabric can shrink a little when stabilizing, and we recommend rinsing it in cold water and ironing before use. We also recommend cutting the panels to correct size after finishing your stitching. The pattern does not include fabric for the rest of the quilt, only the panels with drawings to stitch.

Digital Patterns

Digital patterns are PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat reader to open. The pages are based on A4 and A3 sizing. You will need to be tech savvy enough to print the pages at 100% correct size, and no ‘shrink to fit page’ options selected in your printer’s dialog box. There may also be times when you have to tile areas of a page if you don’t have an A3 printer. Patterns with an A3 page are noted in the description text.

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