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Would you like to know more about what the patterns look like? Or would you like to know a bit about Natashia? Click here to find out! There are three sections, about the patterns, about Natashia, and about Smee Designs. I spent ages writing the text, so you should at least look at one of them!

About Smee Design

About Smee Designs

Our story so far... including Duncan the grumpy dragon and Margaret-the-Magnificent-Mother-In-Law!

About Natashia

About Natashia

A brief, heavily edited and sanitised bio about me; just in case you ever need info for a trivia quiz or for your quilting newsletter.

About Patterns

About our patterns

What do you get when you buy a Smee Designs pattern? Answer: The sincere thanks of a designer who has a mortgage and two boys who eat like Labradors. What else? Click here to see how our patterns are designed.

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