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Subversive Santa

  • Subversive Santa
  • Subversive Santa
  • Subversive Santa

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas Day. For Santa and his cohorts it's the longest, hardest, most tiring day of the year. (Yes, Santa starts delivering after midnight, for all you purists.) That's why they look forward to December 26th instead! We've all seen Santa cheerful and jolly, but what about when he's 'not-so-jolly'? For example, how does he feel when people forget to extinguish the fire in chimneys, or the reindeer mess up a roof landing? Christmas tree decoration is a bit more tricky when you're an elf, and Rudolph really dislikes subbing in for a TV antenna when reception ain't grand at the North Pole!

Paper option

This is a great option if you don't mind a bit of tracing, or you want to change/personalise the design.

Fabric option

This Christmas hanging features pre-printed (light grey) designs on 100% cotton fabric; simply iron on stabilser to the back, and hop straight into stitching!

Dimensions: 26 x 23

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