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Nursery Rhyme Quilt

A first cot quilt for baby or snuggle quilt for a toddler. The Nursery quilt features five Nursery rhymes; Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep (who are inside watching the TV), Humpty Dumpty pre and post fall, 3 men in a tub, This little Piggy went to Market, and Little Miss Muffet. (On an aside- why are they always little? Can't rhymes be about tall people too?) 

The quilt was commissioned originally by Homespun Australia Magazine in 2012, and uses Riley Blakes 'Fly a Kite' range. Usually I don't use a specific range for a quilt as I want people to make it with any sort of fabric, but it was a special request from the editor. Use a pastel multi-coloured fabric on the border sashes, match your fabric selections to that, and you'll be right!

Dimensions: 43 x 45

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