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Indian Ornament Quilt

  • Indian Ornament Quilt
  • Indian Ornament Quilt
  • Indian Ornament Quilt

Scour the shops for the most fabulous fabrics you can find in tangerines, hot pinks, cool aquas and lime greens. Then dive into the swirling mix of design motifs and patterns inspired by Indian art in the Indian Ornament Quilt. There's graphically designed peacocks, camels, elephants and horses which feature heavily in rugs, art, pottery, clothing and jewelry from the exotic east. (Well, from Australia's direction, it's the west, but let's not quibble over small details!)

It can be boring stitching the same motif over and over, so I've tried to strike a balance with between repetition (a feature of Indian art) and variety. The most 'unusual' thing about this design is the off centre placement of motifs. The design reason behind this is that plonking everything dead centre, and having a quilt full of very geometric shapes could end up looking a tad boring. The off centre placement also highlights the background fabrics.

The pattern includes a colour A3 print out, A3 full layout diagram, comprehensive easy to follow assembly diagrams, measurements and detailed instructions. The pattern can also be utilised for bags and cushions.

Dimensions: 62 x 82

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