When will Winter end?

It's Friday afternoon, and I've got half an hour before the kids come home demanding snacks, most of my work is done for the week, and I'm printing out orders. So I thought I'd drop a line and say hello!

In the last couple months we had a lovely holiday in Queensland. (The photo is of a great walk we did around Noosa Heads.) We got jealous that their winter was a 'chilly' 19 degrees. In Melbourne, it's usually top of 10, but if you factor in the wind chill, it's minus 500. One good thing about being a quilt designer is that I've plenty of 'rugging up' options! It has been a little hard to get back into the swing of things without pining for sunshine.

I've been battling the government forces of bureaucracy about courtyard concrete drainage and window screen companies about screens not working, and wrestling a couple big fat graphic design jobs into shape. And then a numb-nut decided to burn down his brother's house. That house just happens to form the back wall of our courtyard. 

So one fine sunny winter day I was evacuated from my office by the police as smoke and flames billowed up from our courtyard wall. Not. Fun. The mongrel got caught in the act, but managed to do enough damage to completely gut the house. Our neighbour lost everything. It was a miracle our house was saved from any damage. The CFA were on the scene in 8 minutes, and pumped water all over our house wall straight away. It took me awhile to recover mentally from the shock, but I'm OK now. Our neighbour is planning to rebuild, but it may take awhile, due to, yes, you guessed it, bureaucracy on demolition permits etc, etc.

On the stitching front, I think I have a piece in Homespun this month, and another coming soon. I just finished off and sent off another piece for next year, so I think I better start saving some designs for myself!

Must off and get snacks ready.

Cheers all! Natashia