What? Christmas? Are you joking??

I cannot BELIEVE it's almost Christmas again. Where on earth did 2019 go? Plus I can't believe I didn't do ONE blog post all year! Bad social media girl! Bad!

That's right, I spent 2019 doing life! I have to remind myself (once again) that having a creative 'to do' list of 24678 things is not compatible with family, friends, and well, being a well-rounded human!

I'm sure you can all relate. No one likes doing dishes, but they have to be done regardless!

It's been a quiet year for Smee Designs- two book illustration contracts (wheeeeeee!!!!) and a right hand thumb ligament tear (booooooooo!) has meant NO stitching, and limited time drawing for almost 6 months. I can't wait to get back to full capacity. Every time I think I'm almost there, I twinge the #%^*&^%$ thing. It does NOT like folding patterns or typing either, which is kind of a problem. Hands are so useful are they not?

I wanted to write a quick note to you all to thank you for your patience and support. I know my output and filling orders has been slow, and I will have to do better next year! 

As promised, a freebie is up on the website for a limited time, in 'the stash' section. Hope you enjoy it. It's part of a looooooong delayed quilt design called 'Summer Holidays'... which I'm really hoping to get stuck into next year. Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas all!

cheers Natashia