Time suckage

The 'Can't-Be-Bothered' is the worst virus to contract, and usually is very catching right around school holidays time. It's felt most strongly in the mornings, and needs either a) screaming children, b) deadlines c) strong caffeine to overcome its insidious spread. Husbands complaining about dirty floors, lack of underwear and state of the house have absolutely no effect on the virus.

But have no fear, Duncan is here, and he has IDEAS that need doing NOW. Lots of them. Dragons don't believe in 'Can't-Be-Bothered's apparently. So it means that I have tons of ideas whizzing around my head, and complete lethargy and 'Care-Factor-Zero' about putting those ideas down on paper! It doesn't help when most of the day is spent keeping my two boys from poking, hitting, kicking, bumping, pushing, needling each other and then rushing to tattle to me. (Aparently it's bad mothering to let kids hibernate in front of the computer screen... dammit.) I did laugh when Benjamin started the first of his 302 daily tattles with 'I'm not meaning to get Spencer into trouble, but...'

I have, however, finally got my sewing machine serviced, and it is no longer making noises like a giant's grinding teeth. So I'm 'whipping' up a couple of batting free cot quilts for a PNG charity (Seriously, whipping should be 1/2 hour max- I don't know who 'whips' up a quilt- next time I see that phrase in a quilting magazine I'll wack someone!) I'm also trying to work out a softie doll pattern for the same charity, and swearing quite profusely, as it's rather tricky working in 3D! If anyone wants to make some batting free quilts or softies to send to the children in Port Moresby slums, let me know- my facebook page has more details.

On the magazine front, there's been a Patchwork and Stitching Magazine story and project out last month, and I just sent off another project for Homespun. It was a quick fix job, as an original contribution fell through, and the editor asked me to fill the gap. Thankfully Marg sews quickly! I'm almost finished the last 'tree' for the Quilter's Companion project due in September; now it's on to beading finishing. It's looking lovely, if Duncan says so himself.

Next on the list after I conquer the 'Can't-Be-Bothereds' is the Extreme quilt. It's EXTREME! Just a warning!

Had a nice holiday at Phillip Island last month- just a weekend away, but managed to do it in style due to a last minute special at the Radisson resort. Included free buffet breakfast. I think I ate enough breakfast for 10 people. The pic is Simon and I rugged up and enjoying the view at the Nobbies.

May your stitches be strong and straight,