The holiday is over (baby)

Hey, if you can't use a Cruel Sea lyric every now and then, life just isn't worth living!

We're back from holidays, and boy, did the orders pile up whilst I was away. But it was nice to turn off the computer, lock up the house and actually get OUTDOORS once and awhile. I think my Vitamin D level was minus ten percent before our trip. Now it's back to it's usual 20 percent RDI (Recommended Duncan Intake).

We had the classic tent/caravan beach holiday with my Mum, Dad and sister up in Ulladulla NSW, and then us Curtins nipped into Canberra for a couple days. I did manage to get quite a bit of fabric in Canberra I must say!

Some pics from our trip to NSW:

holiday pics

Captions (L to R from top):

  1. Our family shadow- the lights room at Questacon canberra. I'm the gorilla.
  2. Narewallee beach, near Ulladulla. We visted my Aunt and Uncle in Ulladulla, and spent quite a bit of time at the beach. I managed to forget the sunscreen on my arms first day- went around a week later looking like I had contracted leprosy. (Alms for an ex leper?)
  3. The national parliament house. Or, as we explain to our kids; the special house where the adults who like to act like kindergarteners are eleted to go. We took a photo infront of John Curtin's portrait- he's a distant relative of hubby's grandfather. Second cousin or something... I looooove the aboriginal artwork at the front. Of course.
  4. Kids managed to watch a bit of cricket on our few cooler days. Well, they didn't have much choice with Pa and Dad around. I think the Aussies won, but I stopped watching cricket when Steve Waugh retired...
  5. Blue psycho lighting makes you look... psycho. Not sure what the scientific application of that exhibit was, but we had fun with it!
  6. Still beavering away on the Noah quilt. Yes, the beavers are finished, and the elephants, but got a few (ahem, lots) more to do.
  7. One of my favourite paintings by Aurthur Boyd at the P house.


One highlight for me was visiting the National Gallery, and seeing 200 totem poles made by the Yolgnu people I knew quite well from growing up in Ramingining, Northern Territory. One of them was Murrawar one of my Mum's closest friends! I got rather giddy! I wish I could have taken photos.

One lowlight was the vomitous gastro bug that swept through the family, descending mostly upon yours truly. Caravan parks and gastro do not go together!!!

We also got to go to the movies. Duncan thinks Great great great x12 uncle Smaug was misrepresented in the Hobbit movie (number 2), but he had trouble concentrating on the script with all that gold on screen. I had to wipe his drool of the seat at several points.

So, now it's back to work! What will 2014 have in store???? Will Duncan stop doodling and let me catch up on stitching? Will we get the big single bed quilt done for Homespun magazine in time? Will I manage to blanket stitch it without giving myself blisters? Will I need 35 or 43 skeins of brown thread for that certain animal on it? I'll let you know!