Summer Stuff!


Have a scout around and find out what's on sale for summer! The weather is finally starting to behave itself, there's 3 weeks left of school, Christmas is just around the corner. But let's face it, the all important 'What will I stitch over holidays?' question is the issue most pressing!

I've finished off a few projects recently, and so I've had to put some things on sale to make room in my office!

Holiday times

As I don't have a home office at present, it's going to be a little trickier than normal for me to get in to work and post off orders whilst looking after the kidlets. (The howling I get when they have to come into the office has to be seen to be believed!) Please be understanding if your order takes a little longer to get to you.

Website coming!

The Elf Perspective is my newest addition. However, the NEW website will hopefully be up and running properly before 2017 rolls around! I'll post on facebook when it's done, and you can let me know what you think! Duncan isn't all that impressed with having to move again, and he's told me he may retire and leave me to it. Rather sad news, and I'll miss his winking, but he really is getting more and more grumpy with age. I think he's got plans to go find a quiet cave and hibernate for a year or ten.

I think the new site will be a vast improvement. I'm going to be using a system that adds functionality such as:

- added secure credit card payment, as well as paypal
- improved ordering system
- better password settings (the reset password on this one has NEVER #$%&* worked properly!)
- more intuitive layout
- automatic digital PDF download capability (cross fingers, toes and claws)
- connection with facebook.

There may be teething problems, even though we're going to test it bajillion times before loading it up. The only downside should be coming up with a new password when ordering. ('Duncan Smells' is apparently a 'weak' one, so I'll need something new too.)

Hope you have a safe, fun and happy holiday time! Happy Christmas. Peace, love, joy and hope to you and your family.

Natashia and Duncan