Slacker extraordinaire!!!

It has been forever since I updated my news- pretty much because I've been too busy 'doing', and not taking the time to smell roses, or update websites! 

I've really felt that I've been putting Smee on the back burner too much, but when I'm fossicking through all the things on my plate to try and figure out which one I leave to get mouldy and crusty by the side of the sink, there's not much I can leave out at present! SO, here's why I've been such a slack arse:

The house reno which took over my world has been done for awhile now, but there's those pesky things like getting fences, appealing building surveyor decisions and cupboard installations to all get done. All we've got left (hopefully- if the appeal comes through our favour) is the front garden landscaping. And by landscaping we mean any step up from the moon cratered surface it has been for the last 6 months.

Then there's been the adjustment to the eldest starting high school, with all the new forms and organisation that that entails. Uniforms, new log in systems and forms. Oh what fun ...

On top of that, I've had two HUGE wacking graphic design jobs I've exhausted myself with over the last year, not including a couple smaller ones too. Working a bit more on graphic design work has become a thing since we had a blow out on our reno budget! (40K extra on foundation works thanks to a dodgy soil report = OUCH.) I'm almost finished one huge monster job, but another one has just hit my desk this week. I knew it was coming at some stage, but I was hoping for a gap that didn't materialise. I'm hoping to be a bit cleverer at carving out time for Smee this time around though.

On top of all that, I decided in my 'wisdom' (ok, stupidity) to try and get a picture book published. I put a wack of time into trying to get it to a level ready to show 'official' people! Now that I've given it a shot (so far, no good!), it's the one thing I'm pushing to the side of the plate in order to do more Smee things. Another is housework, but ahem, less said about that the better!

I've been keeping up with stitching, and have a few things coming out in Homespun Magazine this year (and next year), but haven't had much time for 'my' work. Hopefully I'll be able to get two more quilts done sooner rather than later.

I just want to say thank you to those of you who have encouraged me and understood that enforced downtime is sometimes part of life. Every now and again I wish I had Calvin's clone machine to get things done in a day. Let's hope I get with the program a bit better in 2018. Far out! Where the hell has this year got to already!!!???

till next time! Natashia