Nose to the grindstone

2015: Duncan jumped up and bit my butt with a vengence. Time to get to work he says!!!! Not that I'm ever 'not busy' really. I just like to further test my limits of eyeball endurance and stitching grip pre-arthritic pain.

The 'holidays' are now over, and both my young meerkats are back at school. Oldest in 4th grade, and youngest in 1st grade. They got spoilt rotten by Aunties, Granparents and parents; with many a visit to the movies, some beach activities and day trips around and about Melbourne.

Duncan spent 'holidays' consorting with Pixies (yes, apparently they exist, and have no wings in his opinion) for another stitchery design. Since I've only just finished the doggies (coming soon!) and the Domestic Bliss redwork is still under constitchion I think he might have ingested a bit much pixie dust. (One of the Domestic blocks is featured as the pic for this update.)

Duncan also finished another design of Great Uncle Wally, Grandma Gertrude, Aunt Josie and Second Cousin Once Removed On His Mother's Side Bob. Lots of golden oriental fabrics and even some beading work incorporated in the design. Since I've only finished HALF of the BOM (but what is done is looking rather spiffy if I do say so myself), he's got no chance of me getting to it until half way through the year.

I spend my 'holidays' not really having one, but that's motherhood/wifehood/womanhood for you. I did manage to download the kids on my wonderfully supportive family for a couple days though, and did have some quiet time to myself/Simon. Heaven! We even had a buffet breakfast and read the paper in SILENCE for 1.5 hours. Heaven to the power of 10!

The big news is that we're gearing up for a much needed extensive renovation (we bought the worst house on the best street 15 years ago), and the planning and drawings and chasing quotes, funds and a place to stay for next year will probably take up far too much of my time. However, now that the offspring are getting bigger faster, they'll need to have some space of their own. (Duncan and I have hogged the 3rd bedroom for quite awhile!) Looking forward to the end result, not looking forward to this year of planning and preparation.

To help pay for said extensive renovation I'll be doing a bit more graphics work; which is cool. However, it's not quite as fun as drawing quilts. I had my first photoshoot in a loooooong time this week. 5 hours standing up behind the photographer bossing people about and encouraging people to try and look like they're enjoying themselves. At one point I did find myself saying 'Don't worry, no one has ever died from having their photo taken.' But handing out snakes for a good photo (Australian candy/lollies) did help.

Must off and print some orders. Thanks for all the support recently; I'm so thankful for those of you who do the right thing and support craft designers. Also big thanks for the lovely notes of encouragement. Most humbling and gratefully received.


Natashia and Duncan