I have neglected my dragon. He's rather miffed. Apparently it's all very well for Duncan to tootle off on holidays leaving me with oodles of work. However, if he returns with a bajillion things for me to do, and I'm still busy working, that is unforgivable.

So apologies to Duncan, and to those of you who are waiting with bated breath for the latest design to be uploaded. (At last estimation, all two of you. Joking. There's probably no-one, but hey, that's just depressing.)

I have been busy with a capital B.

Doing what? I've been sucked back into the Maw of the Professional Graphic Design World for the last 3 months, working for my best mate from university. So I've been typesetting slabs of text, design covers and annoying her clients with suggestions on how they can improve their writing! (I'm thinking of compiling a 'greatest hits' list of worst grammar ever.) Poor Margaret-the-magnificent has been quite bored, waiting for me to finish my hand stitching. The Maw pays very well though. Better than Duncan does, at least. The downside is, I have heaps of work to get ready before Christmas. (WHY? Because since time immormorial clients like to have things completed on their desks before Christmas so that they can go on holidays for 3 weeks and do nothing with it.)

However, I HAVE finally finished the Extreme quilt stitching, and Marg is happily swearing at me as she quilts all those stars in the border. I have to let my mother-in-law get rid of her vexations with me somehow!

On top of all that work, I've had sick kids, sick husband, sick kids again, and the dreaded housework to keep me completely snowed under. And speaking of snow, 'spring' has been just a mild flight of fancy this year as we've had rain, rain, rain and temperatures about 10 degress celcius below normal. My Hayfever doesn't abate with temperature, so I've been sniffling over my keyboard, but my diet coke addiction does help perk me up!

Is that enough excuses for my Neglect???

Well, how about a 'freebie' to suck up. If you look under the 'stuff' section, you'll find a little illustration you might like to pinch and turn into a Christmas stitchery!

Have a great Christmas!

May God bless you and keep you in 2014.

Natashia & Duncan