Long time no write!

There comes a point in everyone's life when you just have to throw your hands up in the air, give up and go to bed. That, or move to Queensland. (Don't tempt me, Frodo!)

The boys are FINALLY both back at school, and I'm praying (pleading and begging) that they're both healthy for the rest of the year. Mummy was starting to go out of her mind with sick kiddies/husband/self. Now it's just me fighting of the remnants of the green slime flu bug. Just watch; I'll finally get over it, and then it will be time for Hayfever season!!!!! Arrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!

Enough whinging. I haven't done a news segment for awhile, due to lurgies, but there have been things bubbling away in the background. Slowly bubbling. More like an almost simmer, or fart in the bath, but there's still some sort of vague bubble movement...

The Noah wall hanging is finally done, and I'm still beavering away at the larger version. Apologies to those of you who are STILL waiting. I'm ordering in a quantity of the larger panel so it will be ready to go as soon as I get the stitching done. It had to take a back burner (at almost simmer...) whilst I dealt with sickies and a big deadline with my graphics work.

I've had some lovely news from Homespun Magazine. They REALLY like the giraffe quilt I did for them, and it's going to be featured heavily in the October 2014 issue. Keep an eye out for that one. They've even kept a couple of my uncouth pattern instructions in. They've also commissioned two pieces for next year. (There's usually a 6 month gap between delivery of project and publication.) Duncan wanted me to get started on it straight away, before I'd finished off the other 3 jobs on hand. He's missed doing some good ole' applique.

Patchwork and Stitching Sea Sampler should be coming out soonish. Looking forward to that. I shall offer the panel a paper pattern once it's been published. I visited Crafty Haven in Berwick last month for a show and tell, and found out about 'Weaveline'. I don't get out enough: this stuff is GREAT for backing stitcheries.

While I've been out for the count, Duncan is working on a hilarious redwork stitchery, which I'm really looking forward to showing you. I'm also going to make it into a tea-towel for Christmas presents. I might even make some extras and pop them on the site. Margaret doesnt' know she's got a bit of hemming work coming up!!!! Is it OK to ask someone to hem something for you when it's going to be their Christmas present?? Hmmmm....

There's a couple smaller stitcheries on the go, and I'm still working on a new kid's applique quilt design, plus the Turkish Baltimore queen size quilt. Righto! Off to work I go. (Hoooraaaay.)

May your stitching be straight, and your patching be perfect,