It's getting Office-ial

Just when you didn't think I could get busier, I moved into an office space!

Yep, that's right. I'm no longer a 'Home CEO' or whatever that patronising saying is- I've now joined the hoards of women rushing to drop the kiddies off at school and get to the office in time. However, I'm still a CEO. (I must remember to give myself a raise. I think I've got the lowest CEO salary in the history of the world.)

As our house plans get closer and closer to renovation reality, I grabbed at the chance to share an office space with one of my best mates two suburbs away. So we spent all of January and half of February scrubbing, sanding, fixing, painting, resanding, repainting, IKEA furniture assembling, cursing IKEA instructions, reassembling IKEA furniture, and moving in our electrical equipment into our new space. It's a 3 room office above a strip of shops in Chelsea. I have two whole wardrobes to stuff my stash in, which is a huge hooray, after 3 years of it dominating my office room floor. Thanks to ebay and op shops, we've even got a 'boardroom table'. In 1970s laminate and brown chairs. Retro, we prefer to call it. It's supposed to be a 6 months trial, but after all that work, I told my friend it was too much hassle to move out again!

Even better, we've picked up a couple of large graphic design jobs for the next few months, which will help pay the rent, and take the stress of the new venture off my shoulders.

Margaret has been hard at work finishing the top of the Pixie Quilt, and I've been working on a new stitchery design. I've also cut and fused the Elemental Dragon design which has been percolating on my computer for about two years! It will look very yummy with lots of gold thread, (Au Papillion- the best thing ever!), and beading to finish it off.

There's a few projects coming up in Homespun soon, so keep an eye out!

Till next time,


p.s. The cushion was a present from my friend, and the bird card from my sister-in-law, as a joke about me moaning about craft people and birds!