Bet you thought I'd forgotten to update my site lately... Because I have. Not my fault; Duncan the grumpy dragon keeps pestering me with delusions of quilting grandeur. Silly thing thinks it's time for designing MORE stitcheries, instead of letting me catch up. So I've finally given up hinting, and kicked him out on a world trip to 'research' the next design. That should keep him busy for a few months while I finish off some more projects, and get ready for my grand web re-design.

This month's Homespun features one of our quilts. Margaret did a lovely job of quilting the Bug Quilt for me; there's nothing this woman can't do on a sewing machine! Hope those of you who like brights enjoy the project. Homespun's design team are some of the best in the business I think.

Margaret has also finished the Domestic Bliss quilt, which is now ready and available on site, under 'stitcheries'. I had lots of fun designing the adverts for this one- channelling my inner 1950s martini swilling housewife. There's just something yummy about red and white fabrics.

I'm now on to the next job- the Pixie quilt. I've finished the bag panel and the Turkish Bazaar stitching is on the home stretch.

The next three weeks will be spent printing, printing, printing patterns, and trying to sort out logistics for the Craft Alive Bendigo show. I'm dragging Margaret and my sister Rachel along with me to do my dirty work- sorry- keep me company. If you're around Bendigo last weekend of June, come and check out the show at the Prince of Wales showgrounds. I'll make sure to take some pictures. There'll be all the latest designs, and I might even nag Margaret into finishing off what's been done so far on the Turkish How Bazaar 'quilt as you go' design for show and tell.

Righto, off to put on another layer of winter woolies now that I'm sans dragon, (Duncan might be grumpy, but he's the best hot water bottle ever) and start pattern printing!

May your pins be pointy,