Hello Sun!!!

It's sunny! La la la la laaa. How lovely! The boys are over their 3456 flus, coughs and colds, and I'm enjoying some drawing outside in the gorgeous spring weather.

Mind you, living in Melbourne, it could be hailing or possibly snowing tomorrow. One friend commented at school pick up yesterday 'In Sri Lanka, we never talk about the weather like you guys do; it's always the same, so why talk about it?' Novel concept! She'll learn fast! In Melbourne, you must either a) know how to talk about weather, or b) know how to talk about football, or c) go for bonus points talking about both. e.g. 'I think the rain tonight is going to ruin the Magpies chances, what do you think?'

What has this got to do with stitching? Absolutely nothing.

So what has Duncan got me working on presently? I'm busting a gut and ruining finger tendons (the pinky that holds the hoop always gets sore) on the Australian Afternoon stitchery quilt. Then I've got two more projects to finish off for Homespun next year.

Duncan has also finished designing the Turkish Baltimore queen bedspread, and I've finalised the pattern. This did take forever and a day. Now I'm just waiting for the 'Fancy' fabric due out in October to arrive, and I'm diving headfirst into this huge pattern. I'll post it up in the 'coming soon' section, and if you're interested in going on the journey with me, let me know. I'm planning to do a PDF block of the month option for this quilt. I've got an alternative blue colourway worked out also.

Don't worry, it's not all massive potential UFOs. Duncan has been also drawing up some smaller 'just because' stitcheries. You can check them out in various spots on our facebook page. These will be bundled together in a little pack, because mailing out 2 sheets of paper is ridiculous, and a postage and handling nightmare.

Must off and get back outside! Duncan needs some more sunscreen rubbed on his belly. Apparently Dragon skin is quite delicate under there.


Natashia and Duncan