Headless Chook

'Here lies Natashia Curtin. She lived like a headless chicken'. I reckon that will be my tombstone. It seems to be the theme that runs through my life! To explain, no, there is too much, I will sum up: (Princess Bride movie quote.)


  1. The long delayed (%^&*&%$$) home reno is finally kicking off this month. We are flat chat packing up and moving out. Not organisedly, but haphazardly...
  2. The children. Sports, Music, Mum's taxi service, food delivery and homework overseer.
  3. March- June on crazy huge job for a graphics client, which ate up all my spare time. At one stage I calculated that I hadn't had a day off in 6 weeks. I also worked till 9pm most weeknights. I started getting pointed 'who are you Mummy?' comments from the kids. Have swore never to do that again. Will probably do it again.
  4. Obligatory 2 week flu/cold/exhaustion late June after I met the deadline. Your body knows it can crash when you've been working that hard!

My least favourite thing is to be stuck in situations with lots of little details to attend to, and that seems to be happening in every 'area' of life at present. So, I am a headless chook! I think my 'to-do' list is longer than my arm... Did you catch the library bag in Homespun recently? I loved the job they did on the styling. I've got about 3 patterns to write up, with the stitching finished, and I have NO IDEA when I'm actually going to get to do it! Plus the website re-do. Arrrgh. I think I need to do some more stitching to de-stress!