Cough, Cough, Cough (and repeat)

Poor Spencer has had one flu after another cold after another flu, and of course, brings it home and passes it around the family. The endless coughing has driven us mad. As I write, all four of us have coughs and headaches. Duncan's flapped off to goodness knows where. I, of course, must stay home, and get through each day as best as possible with hacking coughing, lack of sleep, grumpy people around me. At least Duncan's gone. You've heard of 'Man Flu'? 'Dragon Flu' is much, much worse.

I think Spencer is going to get the 'Most often in Sick Bay' award for his Prep class this year. So far this term he's had ONE week where he's been at school every day. And when it's not been the flu, little cherub hit his head at playtime and had to come home because of the school head knock policy. Makes for tired out Mummy, that's for sure. When is winter over again? Oh, that's right, it just started. Sigh...

On the up side, the Noah Wall Hanging is DONE, and the Cot Quilt version is not toooo far behind; almost finished the stitching- just one more level to go. I also finished off the sea sampler for Patchwork and Stitching Magazine. I almost fell over and died when I found out what the cost was for framing. OUCH. One thing's for sure, magazines don't pay enough for framed work!!!!!!! He did a lovely job on it though.

In my 'spare' time I've been doing some thrilling work pagesetting/designing a web coding manual/checklist thingy. It's as boring as it sounds, but it helps keep me in fabric! Actually, it is good to stretch the brain in different ways; helps you come up with new things. Margaret said to me yesterday 'When you sit down your brain must just whiz around all the time with all your ideas in it.' Yep, that's me and Duncan. Luckily, I've got no willpower and I'm pretty lazy, so not every one of Duncan's idea makes it to paper!