August presence required

Dear Duncan,

Get your fat scaly rump back in the office now! I've just started your latest project, and it's clear you've had waaay too much caffiene. What were you thinking having sashes of three different widths and 6 different colours? Pathetic effort. I've now cleaned it up and made sense of it, but you've wasted at least a week of precious stitching time. Having to redo measurements for a single bed quilt not once, but four times is just not acceptable. Next time you hand in an idea of this difficulty I shall lock you up in a tower and you can wait for a brave princess to come and rescue you. (No, you can't write a book about that, I've already started it without you, and it will serve you right if she decides just to leave you in there.)

Yours, crankily,


Yup. Even Duncan has his off days. The good news is, it's now right to go, and I'm onto the fun cut and stick stage. Hooray!