2020 and doughnut days

Well, 2020 hasn't gone as planned. AT. ALL.

My husband and I were celebrating our 20 year anniversary trip in New Zealand when we heard the Australian government was starting mandatory 2 week quarantine for overseas travellers. We flew back on the first day we had to self isolate, but luckily at home, not in a hotel. And then we stayed home... for a long, long, long, long time!

But today marks the day when us Melbournians have finally 'beaten' the second wave of Covid. When they announced our first 'Doughnut day' (0 deaths, 0 new cases) I admit I did shed a tear of happiness! Today our stores are opening up again for the first time since... I can't remember anymore. My youngest son's shoes look more like sandals at this point, so a trip to the shoe shop is first on my list of 'must do's. (Once the crazy shopping-deprived rush of people is over. Having had pneumonia rather badly, my lungs are apparently already scarred, and my immune system has the strength of a wilted lettuce.)

It's been a difficult time; 
• homeschooling (is the daily WW3 in the curriculum?),
• finishing off my first children's book ('Vernon the Penguin' will be in stores in February 2021),
• coping with ALL the family home ALL the time ('Muuuuuuuuummm, where's...')
• not going out more than once and more than 5km from home (so my pattern printer guy has been out of reach)
• zoom calls x 100,000,000.

My pesky right hand ligament has sloooooooooooowly healed, but writing or stitching for any acceptable length of time continues to cause pain. Luckily some lovely helper stitchers have been able to assist me, and there's an almost finished 'Idiot Box' stitchery quilt coming soon. I'm currently reworking a stamp idea that I've been working on now for almost 4 years (argh), and hope to have something more concrete next year on that one.

I hope you've all managed to cope with the various efforts we've had to endure in order to minimise risk to our communities. Looking forward to dinner with friends this weekend for the first time since July! Hoooorrraaaaaaaaaayyyyy!