It's been a slightly long (cough cough) time since I updated my website news- I tend to add more to my Smee Designs Facebook site now. It's just because Facebook is easier to update than the program that my website uses. There's a designer's moral in that sentence!

2016 promises to be stupid busy. We are in the last stages of planning our home extention/renovation, and hope to get the building underway in Feb/March. Apparently you can't have two boys sharing a room unless you are happy to adjudicate WW3 every 5 minutes. It's taken us over a year of wrangling the plans- the local council were... insert unmentionable swear words here... and it took us 6 months to get plans approved after being told initially there were no issues. Sigh. The building will mean that I need to move my home office out so that the dust doesn't do terrible things to my fabric and computers and papers. So I am moving to an external office space with a friend of mine, and if all goes well I'll work from that space while the kids are at school. My mail address will not change.

Coming up, I've got 2 items in Homespun this year, and a few more designs coming out 'soon'. Soon being that elastic term that means 'as soon as it gets finished', and not a moment before. There's a pixie quilt, dragon quilt, castle stitchery, elf stitchery and one with the working title 'Moo York'.

I've finished off the pattern for the Turkish Baltimore How Bazaar quilt. Man, that was an effort! But after 13 months, we have been enjoying a queen sized quilt on the bed during the hot weather, rather than sharing the Indian Ornament quilt which isn't quite big enough to cover Simon and I! The final installment is next month! Whoo hooooooo.

I've got my epic Website update still in the works, but unless I try and blow a gasket, it's not going to be ready till at least April. As I'm trying to lessen my stress points, I'm just going to say it will be 'soon'. (See previous paragraphs.)

Must off and organise insurance, furniture, new computer, bank forms for loan, draftsperson final drawings, orders and kids on holidays!



p.s. This is us at Merrimbula on a well needed holiday in December 2015.