The holiday is over (baby)


Hey, if you can't use a Cruel Sea lyric every now and then, life just isn't worth living!

We're back from holidays, and boy, did the orders pile up whilst I was away. But it was nice to turn off the computer, lock up the house and actually get OUTDOORS once and awhile. I think my Vitamin D level was minus ten percent before our trip. Now it's back to it's usual 20 percent RDI (Recommended Duncan Intake).



I have neglected my dragon. He's rather miffed. Apparently it's all very well for Duncan to tootle off on holidays leaving me with oodles of work. However, if he returns with a bajillion things for me to do, and I'm still busy working, that is unforgivable.

So apologies to Duncan, and to those of you who are waiting with bated breath for the latest design to be uploaded. (At last estimation, all two of you. Joking. There's probably no-one, but hey, that's just depressing.)

I have been busy with a capital B.

Spring Fever


It might seem like we've been a little quiet the last couple weeks, but really, it's because I've been feverishly busy! Not so much with Duncan's long list of stitching, but other things like family commitments, 'real' graphic design work, orders, house fixing up issues and stuff for my church etc. Phew!

time suckage


The 'Can't-Be-Bothered' is the worst virus to contract, and usually is very catching right around school holidays time. It's felt most strongly in the mornings, and needs either a) screaming children, b) deadlines c) strong caffeine to overcome its insidious spread. Husbands complaining about dirty floors, lack of underwear and state of the house have absolutely no effect on the virus.

Raining, pouring, many of us are snoring


Been a bit of time since the last post. Gave myself a wee break from updates and tried to catch my breath a bit after 6 months of seriously hard yakka. Phew.

In short, there's a few new things happening. (I'm not going to go 'in long', as Spencer has kept us all up last night coughing his little guts out.)

1. Carol quilt - almost finished the hand stitching, and then Marg will work her magic on finishing up the quilt ready for release. This one was quite quick and fun to do. Get your christmas colours ready!

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