What's Happening?


Back from Easter holidays!

Nose to the grindstone


2015: Duncan jumped up and bit my butt with a vengence. Time to get to work he says!!!! Not that I'm ever 'not busy' really. I just like to further test my limits of eyeball endurance and stitching grip pre-arthritic pain.

The 'holidays' are now over, and both my young meerkats are back at school. Oldest in 4th grade, and youngest in 1st grade. They got spoilt rotten by Aunties, Granparents and parents; with many a visit to the movies, some beach activities and day trips around and about Melbourne.

Holy Holidays Batman!


Duncan refuses to believe it's December today. He thinks for sure there's another 3 months to go before he gets a stocking full of gold and precious gems.

But as our Christmas gift to you, look under 'Stuff' and 'Freebies' to download a quick little stitchery for the holiday season!

How Bazaar!!!


IT'S STARTED! Block 1 is now OUT!!!


Yep, that's right, it's a 'Block of the Month'.... but with a twist. You don't have to lock in to the program, it will be an email delivery pattern and it won't be massively expensive. There is also a single bed permutation of the design, AND a blue colour way version. You will be able to choose. There is ONE block that does need to mailed, simply because it needs to be A3, and most people don't have A3 printers.

Hello Sun!!!


It's sunny! La la la la laaa. How lovely! The boys are over their 3456 flus, coughs and colds, and I'm enjoying some drawing outside in the gorgeous spring weather.

Long time no write!


There comes a point in everyone's life when you just have to throw your hands up in the air, give up and go to bed. That, or move to Queensland. (Don't tempt me, Frodo!)

The boys are FINALLY both back at school, and I'm praying (pleading and begging) that they're both healthy for the rest of the year. Mummy was starting to go out of her mind with sick kiddies/husband/self. Now it's just me fighting of the remnants of the green slime flu bug. Just watch; I'll finally get over it, and then it will be time for Hayfever season!!!!! Arrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!

Cough, Cough, Cough (and repeat)


Poor Spencer has had one flu after another cold after another flu, and of course, brings it home and passes it around the family. The endless coughing has driven us mad. As I write, all four of us have coughs and headaches. Duncan's flapped off to goodness knows where. I, of course, must stay home, and get through each day as best as possible with hacking coughing, lack of sleep, grumpy people around me. At least Duncan's gone. You've heard of 'Man Flu'? 'Dragon Flu' is much, much worse.

May the Flu be with You


I estimate that having kids causes 80% of your flu and cold levels for the year. And going to the football in Melbourne causes the other 20%. Unfortunately, I can do nothing about either two situations.

One step closer to camping


The 40th is over! I am now nowhere near the 'young' category. (My husband has had great delight in pointing that out!) I had a lovely time, and was spoilt rotten. It was so much fun just having a chat and laugh with mates, and enjoy a delicious Thai banquet. I got several cheeky comments from people shocked at the sight of me wearing a dress. The pic is me and my mate Wendy, who I also do graphic work with on a part time basis (to keep me in fabric).

Marching on


I'm turning 40 this month! (All presents can be sent via the post; you don't have to worry about getting express service.) And it's not too late for some 'firsts'!

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