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 Duncan's Favourite Dragon Books, in no particular order.

1. The Hobbit - JRR Tolkein (Smaug rules OK!)
2. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S.Lewis
3. The Live Ship series - Robin Hobb
4. The Tawny Man series - Robin Hobb
5. The Dragon Keepers - Robin Hobb
6. Temeraire Series - Naomi Novik
7. Dragonhaven - Robin McKinley
8. DragonFlight - Anne McCaffrey
9. 'That's not my Dragon!' - Fiona Watt (also the little one's fave!)
10. The Discovery of Dragons - Graeme Base/'Rowland W. Greasebeam'


Duncan's fan mail

'The patterns are excellent and the instructions are clear and concise... very easy for a beginner to follow.' - Barbara

'You have done a fantastic job in designing the pattern and then your instructions are just wonderful and help with the construction of the quilt.' - D. Stead

'I've had many compliments on the design... and yes, I do use the bags a lot!' - K. Pagram

'I would like to order the 'Nativity Quilt', but I am worried about the camel who spits... when I get my order could you send the pattern with a better trained camel please?' - S. Alsdorf

'The patterns you and Duncan spend so much time on are just such fun and perfect for the wee ones.' - L. Paseka

'I think your designs are gorgeous and very well done... just beautiful.' - R. Avery

'I love your sense of humour in your quilts.' - J. Uren 

'I love your patterns, as they are unusual and clever.' - N. Knersch

'I'm only a novice, but your instructions were very easy to follow.' - Sue B

'Your instructions are so clearly set out even a clot like me can follow them easily.' - J. Aitken

The instructions were easy to follow and the baking sheet a brilliant idea. I am so pleased with it. Thanks for a brilliant design, speedy posting and great instructions. I hope to buy more soon.' - J. Casagranda

'Love your designs, and patterns are easy to follow.' - H. Larcombe 


Look what Duncan found when going through my university design folio... the original owl and pussycat!