Pixie Dance Bag- FabricPixie Dance Bag- Fabric

Pixie Dance Bag
Pixie Dance Bag Full length
Dimensions: 9 in × 9 in × 17 in

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The pixies have gathered for the local bushdance in all their finery. The round bag is a great option for an overnight bag, or a storage bag for dolls or other important treasures.

This 28 inch by 7 inch panel is full of cute little pixies dancing the night away, and can be coloured with colour pencils and Fabric medium as shown, or simply stitched.

This pattern option provides you with a full colour printed fabric with the pattern. Choose your own fabrics and alter your thread choices to fully personalise your work.

A paper pattern for tracing is also available- click on the other option shown in the stitcheries page. (Due to our sucky exchange rate, I realise a fabric panel is not cheapest option, so I try to provide a paper version when possible.)

A pixie quilt that includes this panel is currently underway! We hope to have it out by March 2016.

Price: $28.00