How Bazaar Block 12How Bazaar Block 12

How Bazaar Block 12
Dimensions: 18 in × 18 in × 0 in

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The last outer block! Only the centre panel to go. This design features the typical symeterical and positive/negative arrangement of most floral elements in Ottoman decorative arts.

When you look at it with very tired eyeballs it can also look a little like a masked Merv Hughes wearing a funny hat. (An Australian cricket player who had a huge handlebar mustache.)

This pattern has two downloads- SMEEBazaar12 and SMEEassembly. The Assembly pattern pages cover the sashing method and assembly for the rest of the quilt.

The centre panel is next month, and will be a physically mailed pattern, as it is A3 paper in size. If you are overseas, you will be reimbursed half the postage costs (unless you order other items at the same time). This is so that you are not having to pay $12 for 5 sheets of A3 paper.

Alternatively, IF YOU HAVE ACCESS to an A3 printer, and would like to receive the pattern digitally, please email me and I will reimburse postage costs.

Price: $4.00