Karen H sent me in a pic aaaaages ago of her twist on the tale of Rudy and Me- she made them into an apron. Great idea! Here it is... finally!!!














Mary D made the Car Keeper bag into a hanging for her grandson Archie. Now you can see why I designed it with buttons instead of applique-ing allllll those circles! Great job. (how do you spell appliqueing?? Is it a word??)










Christine G made 'Born' in a blues theme... love that stripey sports car! 











Linda G finished her 'Born' for her gorgeous grandson! The pyschadelic glasses for the giraffe are a hit! (I, personally, think Linda's red shoes are way cool, but I did crop them out of the picture!)









Judy C made the 'Long time ago in Bethlehem' stitchery, AND finished it before Christmas!!! Edged with lovely gold fabric. Duncan approves most heartily!















Fortune Dragon quilt

Yet another gorgeous version of the GLD! Congrats to Sue P!!! I am in awe of the quilting!





















Bayeux Beauty

For all you who wondered how to make the Bayeux into a double bed quilt, here is the fantastic work of Suzanne M. Love the extra bits too!

Good Luck Special!

Elke sent me a nice letter from Singapore with her Beauuuuutiful version of the Good Luck Dragon. She explains 'The Chinese culture is very important here so I have included some Feng Shui characters on the block squares along with some Chinese and Japanese symbols. Lanterns are found all around Asia and the friendship star is to remind [my son] of all the amazing friends he has made here.' It's a gorgeous quilt; fantastic use of colour and design I'm sure you'll all agree! Duncan wants to go steal it...



Fiona's Work

Fiona J sent in pics of her three Smee quilts, each with their own unique touches. Check out the lovely stitch work on that Victorian quilt umbrella! I also like the different sash style Fiona has used.
The blue fabrics on the Court quilt are better in contrast than mine!!!


Catherine sent in a pic of Puff in a wall hanging instead of Library Bag. Nice colourful fabric!.









Egyptian Quilt

Three great examples of the Egyptian quilt. One has been extended and made into a single bed size.

Margaret H. sent in a photo of her masterpiece extending the hanging to a large double bed size quilt. Check out the gorgeous fabrics, clever layout and extra beading. Margaret risked life and limb climbing up on her work conference table to be able to take a pic of the entire quilt. Don't worry, we won't tell OHS...



African Quilt

Has been made in many different colours... Jenny S. was very clever and included photographs her daughter took on a recent African trip around the edges of the quilt... plus added her own Zebra