Is the postage and handling rate $4 per pattern, or a flat rate of $4 for the entire order?
It's a flat rate for the entire order within Australia. O.S. postage is $10.

Why can’t I order just using my visa or mastercard without Paypal?
Currently Smee Designs uses Paypal for all internet payments. This is to keep transactions secure and easily traceable. Paypal can use your credit card, debit card or bank account to send payments online, without myself or anyone else accessing your account/card details. The system we’ve used to set up this new website has been created by many different people, and we felt it was safest to use Paypal rather than risk any security breaches. HOWEVER, according to the paypal website you can use your card via their system WITHOUT joining up with an account. Don't ask me how, I don't know; I have an account!

How do I set up my own Paypal account?
To purchase patterns and send funds to Smee Designs, you can set up your own Paypal account. Go to the paypal website (www.paypal.com) to set up your secure account for on line payments. Once your account has been activated, you can send funds to Smee using the Paypal option. Once again, you can use a visa/mastercard without setting up an account, but I haven't done it myself.
Why do I need to give you my email address?
The new website uses your email as an identifying marker for me to process your order. For example, there are several Margaret Smiths, but they each have different email addresses. It’s also in case there’s something I need to clarify with you. These details are NOT used to send any unsolicited mail, or handed on to a third party. Your privacy is respected at all times.
Can I just send you a note with the cheque to order?
Yes, you certainly can. I need the following:
  • Name
  • Address to send the order (incl state and post code)
  • Name of the quilt/s you wish to purchase
  • Cheque or Money order including $4 postage and handling. 
I don’t want to use Paypal and I’m not living in Australia. How can I pay?
By cheque or money order, but make sure you send an international cheque in Australian Dollars. They cannot be processed otherwise. (Your bank may charge you quite a high fee - mine does.)
How long does it take to have my order processed?
I try to fill orders in 2-3 days, however in some circumstances I have to get reprints organised, and that may take a week. Mail is pretty reliable. I have only lost two pattern orders to the post gremlin in the last 4 years of business. I have had a couple of late deliveries though. Unfortunately, Australia post isn't all that interested when I complain... the last form reply email I had, they didn't even copy and paste in the email correctly. I got the sentence 'Please accept our'. Our what? Our lack of grammar? :-)
Are your patterns available Wholesale?
Yes! But the pricing is higher than the average bear. This is because my patterns are bigger and use more paper than the average bear. Email me for more information.
Are you going to be at the Stitches and Craft/AQC/Craft show this year?
Currently I'm having an enforced break from shows, but I hope to be back exhibiting in 2015. It depends on babysitters and stress levels!

If I want to enter my quilt version of your design in a show is that OK?
Yes, more than fine, but on ONE condition. Exhibitors must be informed that it is based on a design by Smee. Another words, please don't take credit for designing it. Several lovely ladies have won awards at different shows... the Egyptian seems to be a pretty popular award winner... with three awards I know of so far...
If I want to sell a handmade item based on your work is that OK?
Depends. If it's a once or twice off for a fete or fundraiser, be my guest.
Duncan will NOT allow:
  • people to sell items with our designs on them as part of a business
  • people selling our patterns.
  • people selling items for sale on ebay or the internet using our designs.
Be warned, Duncan can get pretty grumpy, and has been known to bite people who do the wrong thing. 
Why don't you use the traditional method of mitred corner bindings on some patterns? 
Because I'm scared of my sewing machine, and I like things simple. I'm self taught from a graphic design background, so some things I do are probably different from the traditional, as I simply don't know the traditions! Some of my later patterns have swapped to a mitred corner binding, as we found a technique we like!
I'm new to applique, are your patterns OK to start on?
I hope they are. I've had quite a lot of feedback saying that they're easy to follow, and the diagrams are helpful. The easiest ones to start with are probably the Chinese butterflies, African, Nighty Knights, but most of the quilts are made with starters in mind. I'm self taught, so I try and make them EASY! I wouldn't begin with the Goldfish quilt though...

Can I use my sewing machine to applique your quilts?
I've never done it, being a sucker for hand blanket stitching, but I've a few ladies who've done many of my patterns on the sewing machine. So the answer is yes, but I guess it also depends on your machining experience.
What's that orange square thingy on the bottom of the front page?
I'm told it's an RSS feed button. Apparently if you're a web surfing guru, you can create a link with this button so that whenever I update my news it will send you an email... apparently...
How can I send you a picture to put on the website?
You can send me an email, with the pic attached, or you can send me a photo in the mail. I have a scanner. I will try to put everyone's names on the pics when I can (first names only. e.g. Carol.B.) To have your work up in the gallery it has to feature some part of Smee designs.