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Domestic Bliss Stitchery Quilt
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Dimensions: 57 in × 67 in × 0 in

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Well Dahlings, THE best stitchery quilt is here! Once you've washed, vacuumed and dusted the house, dressed properly, put your lipstick on and set your hair, it's time to settle yourself on the couch and indulge in some stitching. Because a woman's work is never done, so you may as well take the time to celebrate the best in 1950s housewiffery! 

The quilt features 11 fun, fabulous designs to stitch into a snuggle quilt for your favourite domestic goddess. The designs can also be used as cushion covers, apron panels or hangings for a friend. There's the burnt to a cinder roast dinner, parking excellence, the hazards of bathroom cleaning, the discovery of pills and alcohol to help you get through the day, and check out that hemline on the sewing panel! 

Bottoms up!

P.S. Please note, the red outer binding is not shown on the photograph.

Price: $28.00