Castle Stitchery - PaperCastle Stitchery - Paper

Castle Stitchery
Dimensions: 37 in × 45.5 in × 0 in

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The Castle is a stitchery panel featuring a Dragon, Frog and other important personages in the Fairytale realm. Despite my choosing the wrong fabric for that last sash (#%^&&!?*^), this pattern is lots of fun! Don't let my mistake put you off, just make sure not to use the same sized print in all three fabrics like I did. You can make the pattern as shown (which is big enough for a snuggle or cot quilt), with two rows of rose vines, or leave them out to make the stitchery a wall hanging.

This pattern option includes A3 paper pages ready to sticky tape together for tracing. (No one likes tracing, but I totally understand that not all of us have enough disposable income to buy the fabric option. Sigh. Me too: I'm renovating a house. Ugh.)

The pattern also includes instructions, colour stitchery guide and line by line listing of thread colours. For the fabric pattern option, please chose the 'Castle Stitchery- Fabric' option.

Price: $25.00