How Bazaar Turkish Baltimore
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This is an DIGITAL PATTERN. You will need access to an A4 paper printer, and have the program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer so you can access the PDF files. The Adobe Reader is free, and can be downloaded from (search for Acrobat Reader).

To Purchase:

Go to 'login' on the top menu bar. Create a new account with a password.

Click on the buy button ('Add to cart') on the bottom of the text, and go to the cart checkout. Fill in your details and pay using the paypal system.

Log in with your account details, and there will be a 'files' option 3rd from the left under your account name. Click on this to show the PDF you have just purchased. Click on the file to download. 


NOTE: It's always wonderful when you start something new, and it goes splat in your face, leaving a sticky residue and avowal never to go out in public without baby wipes ever again. Oh, wait, I'm getting mixed up; that was the kids. I'm talking here about the heap of trouble I've had with the technical aspects of providing this BOM pattern online.

Despite our best intentions, there has been difficulty after difficulty with the ordering/download side of the pattern. Yes, you can purchase it, and it may allow you to set a password for your account if the moons are in alignment and Duncan is feeling generous. However, sometimes the program is just having a random hissy fit about passwords and frustrating the pants off everyone.

My apologies. I like 'easy', and there's nothing worse than advertising something and then having it go haywire. Not good enough. The upshot is: I am going to have to update my website entirely to a new program to fix the problem.

Until that is accomplished, (it's a big job) I will personally email every BOM PDF purchase to you, to ensure you have received it. 

Again, apologies for the frustration. I'd love to say it will never happen again, but I know computers too well.

By the way, clicking this button on this page doesn't give you anything, I just can't work out how to get rid of it!!!!

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