It is cold in Bendigo. It is very cold in June in Bendigo. It is very, very, cold in June, in Bendigo in a concrete floored exhibition space with no insulation. Did I mention I got cold?

Last weekend we were off to the Bendigo Craft Alive show, for 3 days of fun and frivolity (Liar pants- it's actually really hard work, but no-one wants to admit that in case you all get offended. I figure you're understanding enough to handle the truth!) Craft Alive is run by a really lovely team, and targets the regional areas big shows don't get to. If you're in the position to support them, please do. If stall holders can't get people to purchase at the shows, it means the shows can't happen, and once again, our craft industry suffers. It's important to support those who take on this hard work for everyone's benefit.

Anyway, the cold: It wasn't so bad for visiting (you get to walk around) but when you're pretty much standing in one spot for 7 hours straight, your feet tend to feel it. Or, not feel anything by the end of the day really. There were gas fired heaters dotted around the building, and you could spot the huddle of exhibitors rushing out to re-warm themselves every time it got quieter. However, major problem was that unless you were super flexible, the feet stayed blocks of ice. So I invented the 'Bendigo Pin Up Pose'- sitting on a chair with legs in the air next to the element for a couple minutes to de-thaw. Then there were the ladies wandering around in short sleeves... spot the locals!

Domestic Bliss was launched to a rapturous reception; or rather, quite a few giggles. Rachel (my sister) kept the other stall holders in business spending her 'pocket money', and Margaret had a chat to pretty much everyone. As an introvert, I admire that skill. We drove up, set up and then celebrated with a delicious Thai meal on Thursday night, then it was meet and greet for the next 3 days. Had a lovely time chatting with Rosalie Quinlan, and talking patterns and designs, thread ladies, shoe men, rocking horse woodworker Olivia, Patchwork shop owners and a couple of ladies who actually knew who I was and came to say hello. I even got asked to sign magazines, much to my sister's amusement! You can check out the pics on facebook.

Sunday was pack up, scoff down a yummy burger with the lot, crank up the music and enjoy a sing along to the ipod for the couple hours drive home. Almost collected a red sports car on the freeway when overtaking a slow car in the right lane... checked my blind spot, but the car was so low to the ground I didn't see it through the rear left window!!!! Luckily his horn worked really well. Phew. I felt bad, until I saw him drive straight through a red light.

Monday morning was sleep in day, but the kids decided to kick off the school holidays proper with WW3 two mintues after Daddy left for work. So I've been packing away, trying to catch up with orders and washing clothes resembling a zombie with a headache. This next month is reserved for catching up on stitching, and pretty much nothing else!!!!



Smee Designs at Craft Alive