Bazaar Block of the MonthBazaar Block of the Month

January 2015 will the kick start of our very first PDF block of the month!

If you'd like to come on an adventure (I'll be furiously stitching open the path through the quilting jungle one month ahead) with a massive queen sized applique quilt, we'd love your company.

What: How Bazaar will be available in two colour themes; the original, and How Bazaar Blue. We are giving the 'Quilt as you go' technique a burl, and hopefully at the end of 15 months you'll have a gorgeous queen sized applique quilt to snuggle under without too many dramas! The design has a turkish/persian flavour and features a restful courtyard in the centre.

How: Simply order the pattern each month, and you will receive a full colour comprehensive A4 sized PDF via email for to print out and follow. The PDF will include a colour diagram, instructions, diagrams, pattern for tracing and photo of the block. If we're feeling bored, we'll add musings on the meaning of life, death and chocolate...

When: We're hoping to kick this off Jan 1st! Eeek!!! Each month will cost $4.

Where: To order, go to our homepage in January, and the link will take you directly to the BOM. You can choose which colourway you wish to purchase. We'll be loading comments and 'in progress' issues on our facebook page.

Material usage: We are going to use the 'High Street' and 'Fancy' range by Lily Ashbury (Moda) for the original design (with an added purple), and a variety of blues from different ranges for the Bazaar Blue. The 'Fancy' range is due out in October 2014. If you wish to pre-buy your fabrics, send me an email, and I'll let you know the required amounts.

So get your vacinations, make sure your pith helmet is packed and get ready for an bazaar adventure!!!