Animal House - PaperAnimal House - Paper

Animal House
Animal House - eweBoxing KangarooElephant in the Room
Dimensions: 33 in × 36 in × 0 in

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We really must talk about the Elephant in the room, or at least, stitch it! There's plenty of gentle humour to be found through the windows of the Animal House. A greedy pig, a cat burglar, a doormouse, even a flamingo in the front yard!

This pattern features stitcheries printed in black and white at 100 percent size on A4 and A3 paper. It also includes colour diagrams, instructions and line by line notation of threads and stitching information.

To order the Fabric pre-printed (in full colour) pattern only, go to "Animal House - Fabric".

Please note, we have increased the size of the stitcheries from the sample shown here, to make it even easier to stitch, and minimise the borders a little more.

Price: $25.00