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"I want to make something different to farm animals,” said my sister. “You’re a designer, draw me a pattern to make.” Four years later, Smee Designs was created. Without my sister’s constant nagging (and I mean constant), I would never have discovered how much fun sewing pieces of fabric together could be.

Smee Designs is run from my home in Aspendale, Melbourne. The name came from my habit of saying “It’s Smeeee!” when ringing my friends and family on the phone. I have combined my experience as a graphic designer and love for handmade quilts into a series of original pattern designs which I hope you will enjoy making. Each quilt has been created and tested to ensure the patterns are easy to assemble, have a minimum of layering, and are fun to stitch! Smee Designs is not a fabric shop, but purely a pattern designs business. I try and make the patterns independent of specific fabrics, so you can use what ever is available to you, and still have a great result.

The designs are mostly about telling a story. I find people and cultures interesting, so I like to create themes which tell a story about a human activity or experience, like a trip to the circus or a fairy tale. I’ve always got several more ideas on the go, and trips to the library are spent sourcing art books, craft books, kids books and whatever else I can find in between preventing the little one pulling all the books off the shelf and the older one trying to find book ‘90-%$#p-’ on the library computer catalogue.

Smee Designs also uses Margaret-the-Magnificent-Mother-in-Law, who is an excellent machine sewing guru who assists by doing the binding, quilting and assembly for Smee. Without her awesome help, the output of designs would probably be only one per year! One day I may even be able to pay her a slave trade wage...