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Since the beginning of Smee Designs, feedback has been extremely very positive about our patterns and their ease of use. This is important to us, as making a quilt should be a fun, and not frustrating process. Every Smee Designs quilt is computer generated so the pieces are smooth and easy to trace. The pieces are shown by themselves (pre-reversed for instant tracing), and assembled in a template for reference.


Front Page
Includes a colour photograph of the finished quilt.
Colour suggestions - The minimum coloured fabrics needed to create the quilt.
Smee Designs contact details.

The instructions feature step by step stages in making the quilt, including applique techniques and binding etc. We attempt to make them as comprehensive and straight forward as we can. Most of the patterns are suitable for beginners. The applique patterns use fusible webbing and blanket stitching technique.





Pattern pages
A. Title of the pattern
Suggested colour reference, with corresponding pattern numbering. Use this numbering system to keep track of your pieces when tracing and cutting out your fusible webbing.

B. Assembly Template
The template is not a traditional template that you cut out, rather, it is a tool for you to reference when assembling your pieces (checking you’ve got all of them, fabric colours etc). This template can also be placed under your fabric to assist you in placing the pieces correctly.

C. Pattern pieces
Pre-reversed for tracing onto fusible webbing. Each shape is numbered for easy reference to the suggested colours and assembly template.

Where possible I’ve tried to group pieces that use the same fabric together on the page. Many of the patterns are also numbered in order of assembly- i.e. piece 1 is the first to be ironed on, etc.
HOWEVER, some of the earlier patterns are not. Please check your pattern page- it will be noted if it’s in assembly order.

D. Copyright information
Please respect the time and hard work put into this pattern by obeying copyright laws. Smee Designs is a small business, and I’ve got a mortgage! Duncan will bite anyone he finds stealing. If your sewing group want to tackle a group project (e.g. you all want to do variations on the same pattern), please email me for a group discount. There must be a minimum of 5 patterns for a discount.

Measurements Page
This is a Smee Designs innovation, and the most referenced piece of paper in the patterns! It includes a black and white diagram with measurements for every panel in the quilt. These measurements include the dimensions with and without seam allowance.

Required fabrics
The minimum colour and rough usage of fabrics used in the quilt. I err on the side of generosity, so there should be more than enough to make your quilt. The good thing about applique is that it uses a small amount of fabric to great effect.