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My name is Natashia Curtin, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Below is a brief, heavily edited bio so you can get to know a bit about me. I grew up in an aboriginal community called Ramingining with my parents and younger sister. My parents are still involved in cross-cultural mission work. My schooling consisted of Katherine School of the Air in my primary years, and living as a boarder in Darwin for my early high schooling (where I failed applique in Home Economics- true story!)

In 1988 we moved to Papua New Guinea. I lived there for four years before returning to Melbourne to continue my education. From the time I could hold a pen, I’ve always loved drawing and writing, so choosing a career in graphic design was a fairly simple decision.

Five years later I graduated from Monash University, where they gave me low self esteem and a degree in graphic design. After working as a graphic designer for eight years (and rebuilding my self confidence), I began Smee Designs as a way of extending myself creatively.

Now that I’m a ‘home CEO’, I have to fit my designing and quilting around my two gorgeous sons, and beautiful husband Simon. I also do a bit of graphic work to keep me solvent - fabric isn’t cheap! I enjoy reading well written fantasy novels (see Duncan's piffle for a list of our favourites) and helping out at our church with their design needs. I'm currently working on a kid's book or two as well, just for when I'm bored and need more to do.

This is a vague approximation of what I currently look like... 

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