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Duncan on rockDuncan was hatched on the wrong side of the nest many years ago, which accounts for his grumpy and curmudgeon like behaviour. After a few years flapping around the living room, he finally learnt to blow fire. Unfortunately, this had a disastrous effect on his quilt pattern hoard. After mourning the loss of several quilts, he decided he better help create some new ones to make up for his misdemeanours. Now he has delusions of grandeur, and spends his time as an artiste, moaning that I don't stitch fast enough to keep up with his creative genius.

Once he is satisfied with his quilt pattern hoard, he plans to go on a cross country trip to find a princess and roast some knights in shining armour. For now, he’s happy dreaming up exotic patterns for me to complete.

If you’re interested, there’s a whole lot of piffle Duncan has asked me to put together for this site in the ‘stuff’ section. Click here.