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You can get in contact with me several ways.

1. Email.
I try to check email at least once a day, often in the evenings when the boys are asleep.

My address is:

2. Postal Mail
Send all orders, Duncan fan mail, bribes, encouragements or complaints to:

Smee Designs
40 Larnook Cres,
Aspendale Victoria 3195

3. Phone?
One thing that Smee Designs does not have available to everyone is a telephone number.

A. Smee Designs is run from my home, and is not a fabric shop.
I have to balance the needs of my family with my work. Even though I know it’s very frustrating for my custromers, I have to consider my two small children, and so that means no phone number at present. Once the kids are at school, it will be a different story! Anyway, have you ever tried to have a conversation with a mum with two yelling children in the background???? :-) Not fun.

I apologise for the inconvenience this will cause some people. If you are desperate to speak to me, please email me your phone number (including area code), and I will call you as soon as I can.