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Bazaar Block of the Month

January 2015 will the kick start of our very first PDF block of the month!

If you'd like to come on an adventure (I'll be furiously stitching open the path through the quilting jungle one month ahead) with a massive queen sized applique quilt, we'd love your company.

In the works at present...

Here's a listing of things that are currently being undertaken!

1. Ottomania; a golden wall hanging inspired by turkish design. Stitching stage.

2. Australian Afternoon: Stitching stage

3. Turkish baltimore: pattern stage

4. Bugs Quilt for Homespun Magazine: Stitching stage

5. Housewife stitchery: drawing stage

6. Random stitcheries: Drawing and stitching stage


Duncan goes all mushy for anything gold, but that's no surprise, as he's a dragon. He's been dreaming up this quilt for awhile now, and finally I've caught up on the pattern work so that we can show you what's coming next. I've been working out how to make the piece placement as simple as I possibly can- so it looks 'hard' and can impress your non quilting friends, but is actually very easy to put together.

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